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The collection is offering wedding dresses to brides-to- be who are seeking for a timeless look that is sophisticated, femininity and elegance.

The fabrics are carefully selected for their tactility, creating fluid movement and lightweight dresses that give a romantic embrace around the body. Motifs resemble intricate blossoms, sprightly foliage and bold organic forms. The 2019 Bridal Collection maintains the romantic spirit of lace layering, with sequins and floral embroidery taking center stage. Nude underlay and sheer bodice fill the collection with breathtaking pieces while delicate sheer fabrics are elegantly layered. New elements such as Swarovski crystals and pavé stopper add a touch of glamour to this collection.

LM By Lusan Mandongus


From graceful simplicity to energetic romanticism, LM by Lusan Mandongus silhouettes are both youthful and timeless. Intricate details are balanced with sweeping and flowing fabrics, for an overall sense of charming vitality.